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Welcome, Carson

I can't imagine how mothers go through pregnancy. And I'm not even talking about all the aches and pains and everything else that goes into that crazy time of life. I'm talking about nine months. NINE MONTHS. I suppose it's just giving them the patience they're going to use a lot in motherhood, but waiting nine months to meet this little guy was SO HARD for ME! (Ok, I actually only knew about him for eight months, and it was still so hard!)

I know his parents were just dying to meet him as well. Just waiting for the day they'd finally see his face, and his dad could finally hold him. SO much waiting. I loved getting to see the excitement build for them and the different things they'd look forward to at different times.

But now he's here and it's so amazing to see how happy and complete they are.

Congratulations, I am so so happy for your family and so honored to be the person who got to document your first days with him <3

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