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Sawyers Family

Maybe it's just getting older, or maybe it's 2020, but this year seems to be flying by. I'm documenting families and their kids have grown SO much SO quickly. The time is flying faster than we can capture, especially in a year when so much has been put on hold.

But documenting these moments in families is so important. Before you know it they're talking, walking, and then suddenly they're driving.

Ok, maybe not that fast, but almost!

Sweet little Noah was one of my most fun newborn sessions. he was just a sleeping doll and had the cutest little nose, and 14 months later he looks exactly the same, and is still just as cooperative for our photoshoots!

I just love this side by side comparison of a shot from our newborn shoot to 14 months. He's slowly but surely growing into those glasses!

Their family session was the perfect day and I love the photos that we captured for them to cherish this stage in their lives.

This kid with his feet up, just rollin in his stroller! I couldn't help but crack up at his style.

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