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Atascadero Lake Elopement Wedding Photography

For some reason I got this idea in my head that I didn't want to schedule weddings further out than three months in advance in 2020. Which basically means I wasn't doing any weddings since brides these days are scheduling anywhere from 1-2 years in advance.

And unfortunately that made me really sad, because I TRULY love shooting weddings and getting to be a part of documenting such an important day for brides. There's something energetic about a wedding day. And definitely something emotional as you see two people commit their lives to each other.

Well, then 2020 came in full force and everyones plans got cancelled, and big events had to be rescheduled, and I can only imagine the devastation felt by so many brides now either cancelling their large celebration or rescheduling for some hopeful date in the future.

But through all this heartbreak of cancelled weddings comes one silver lining; this whole terrible set of circumstances allowed Kristine to find me to be their photographer for their intimate wedding day.

Nothing was going to change the fact that they were still getting married, on their chosen date, at their chosen venue, to each other.

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