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Sienna Marie | San Miguel Newborn Photography

Newborn sessions are one of my favorites. I literally get invited into my clients home and get to have baby snuggles with their most amazing treasure. I get to sit in awe of this newness of life.

I always joke with my clients "You'll have to tell me when to go because I could stay here all day". It's always been a joke, until Sienna. I think I was there for five hours (we DID go to breakfast in the middle... and I do hang out with them outside of photoshoots so I'm not totally creepy... don't worry). But look at this little girl?? Why would anyone voluntarily leave?

Aside from being ABSOLUTELY cute, she also has an adorable older brother who is 18 months. This mama has her work cut out for her, but she's also gonna have kids that get to grow up being the best of friends (and in the cutest house! Check out that nursery. *Swoon*)

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