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Business Marketing

Business marketing, now more than ever, is critical to the success of your business. From instagram posts, to the text and articles that support those posts, to search engine optimization, there are a myriad of ways in which I can help push your business into the next level.

In this day and age, marketing starts with the visual element. As a career professional in photography and videography, marketing businesses has always come naturally. But there is so much more than photos that your business needs to survive in today's market. Search Engine Optimization, data analysis, branding and design, storytelling, and customer interaction all fall within your marketing umbrella.

For me, marketing is a passion and connecting with people is my priority. Teaching you how to relate to your customers and tell your story goes a long way to put your business above the competition.

Wherever you are at, I can work with you to help fill in the gaps. From a full marketing overhaul, to just assisting with content generation, or consulting with your team to help set them on the right direction, let me know what I can do for you.

Melissa Jean Photography _ Armor Farms P


The first impression your business makes is probably going to be a visual impression. Having photography that showcases your product, office, employees, in a professional way is critical to getting the consumer to feel a connection and investigate your products and services further.


Most consumers today start and finalize their purchases online. Having video of your product or services on your website and social media goes a long way to making the consumer understand every aspect of what their getting and feel more comfortable making that purchase.


Identifying your brand is the first step in attracting your ideal customers. This brand encompasses everything from colors and fonts, to the feelings it evokes and the tone it carries.


Creating visual elements to help tell your story gives your company a clear direction on social media and your website to help attract and educate potential customers


Design is everything from your website, to your infographics, your email marketing, and flyers and brochures. 


Digital marketing is a constantly evolving field. If you're not keeping up with best practices, the competition is passing you by. Having someone who knows this field is critical in knowing the steps you need to take.

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