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Tiny Ballerina | Like Mother Like Daughter

This shoot just gets me right in the feels.

It's the perfect shoot. Harlow is the perfect age, she loves being a ballerina just as her mother always has.

When Lea was pregnant I started envisioning this shoot, and I'm sure she has for even longer, but there was part of me that thought of the ways it could go wrong -- just because we wanted to do a mother-daughter ballet shoot -- who is to say her daughter would care at all for ballet?

But Harlow adores being a ballerina. There was no bribery or forcing her to pose. This shoot is truly exactly what she wanted, and that makes it even more beautiful.

I love the photos of Harlow dancing, and even more the ones of her mother reminding her to point her toes, hold her arm high, or not sickle her foot. This shoot is such a true representation of them, and I couldn't be happier.

She takes being a ballerina very seriously. I love her expression.

Tiny Ballerina | Dancing in the mirror

This little guy intruded on our shoot (as he so often does) but the outcome was pretty adorable so I had to include it.

Tiny ballerina looking at the tiny dog

Tiny Ballerina | Putting on her ballet shoes

Such a perfect mixture of ballerina, and still yet just a small child.

This moment was perfect. The entire room to sit to take off her shoes, in fact even little chairs, but she sat right next to her mother who was taking off her shoes. So perfect.

This is the heart of a ballerina, finding a barre anywhere, and making all the world your stage.

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