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The McEwen Family | San Luis Obispo Family Photography

If it seems like I've been obsessed with posting photos from this session well... no shame, I have been!

One of the things I always try and do at family sessions is make sure that I get a few photos of just mom and dad since it may have been years since they got any photos of just them. When I mentioned doing photos of just mom and dad the response was "That's ok, this is our family now, we want to be all together." And I love that. Each family approaches things their own way, and I love that they just want to roll all together!

I love this first photo, of dad and kids. Unposed, just dad in his natural habitat, and big brother with his foot resting on little brother's head. Such a real moment for life with kids and life between siblings!

Ahhhh they're all so gorgeous, I absolutely love it.

Momma with her boys. I love the connection they have. Someday they'll be big but for now these precious moments are worth capturing and holding on to.

Dad and his sons. So cute!

This... I love it. Everything about these. Like I said, I've been obsessed with posting but everything about this moment is just perfect, right down to the tongue sticking out!

I couldn't help but creep one last photo of the boys getting into their carseats. Such a normal lifestyle moment but still so beautiful!

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