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Riojas Maternity | Montana de Oro

Motherhood is such an amazing thing. I absolutely love doing maternity and newborn photos for couples. There’s something so magical about the time. The maternity session is filled with so much excitement, wonder, nerves. It’s a couple on the cusp of becoming a family. So many hopes and dreams and expectations set on this little one they’ve yet to meet.

Even though their baby hasn’t arrived, at the maternity session you see such a change as they are already becoming a mother and father. There are differences in the expectations they put on themselves, just knowing they’ll soon be welcoming this little one.

“It is a shame for a [woman] to grow old without ever seeing the strength and beauty of which [her] body is capable of.” –Socrates

Celebrating this stage is so important for women. Many women (understandably) don’t feel comfortable or sexy during this time and many opt not to do photos. Which is just fine. But also this is such an amazing thing your body has the strength to go through, so when I get the chance to document it for couples I am so beyond excited!

Maternity truly is a beautiful, magical time <3

Now that they have welcomed Rylee, it's so surreal to look back at these photos of their maternity session and remember the days that were spent waiting and wondering.

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