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Mikkeena and Ivan | Paso Robles Inn Wedding

Looking back at weddings from years ago (FIVE plus years ago!) is such a heart warming task on a rainy day. I love seeing how far we've all come since this monumental day.

There are so many changes since a wedding that don't get documented. Changes in family (they have twins now!), changes in personal appearance, changes in careers, and just growth in all areas too!

For me looking back at wedding photos puts me back in that day immediately. What I wore to shoot the wedding. The conversations we had outside of what was captured on camera. The close family connections that I saw and the true joy and celebration that happened.

Photos are so important for helping us remember, and looking back at this ceremony at Paso Robles Inn and the reception the Atascadero Lake Pavillion is a very fond memory! I'm so glad I was able to capture Mikkeena and Ivan's day back in 2013.

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