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Devra and Karen | Paso Robles Wedding Photography

Good morning!!

I'm feeling super excited and energized today! So today I bring you an absolutely beautiful wedding day!

Every wedding is different. It's one of the reasons I love what I do. I will never get bored with weddings.

And just as each wedding is different so is each bride (or brides in this case!). Some brides are reserved, some are emotional, some are just ready to party.

Devra -- she wears everything on her sleeve. As soon as I got to the wedding she grabbed me in a hug and broke into tears. As soon as she was married and walking back down the aisle she was all smiles and just stunningly in love. As she and her wife were introduced to their reception she was on top of the world and dancing her way in.

Seeing all her emotions, authentically, not inhibited, it's impossible not to smile with her, laugh with her, cry happy tears with her, and just to love her.

The wedding was the first time I got to meet Karen, her wife, but I already knew I loved her, because anyone who makes Devra happy is good in my book. But once meeting her -- she's the perfect fit for Devra. She's just as joyful, friendly, and outgoing. Both of them had beautiful smiles all day, and it just truly makes me smile to watch their wedding video over and over.

So with that said -- introducing Mrs and Mrs Sin. And check out that bling!!!

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