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Danika and Kody | Couple Wedding Portraits | Parkfield Wedding

This right here is the best part of the wedding day.

For those of you who have been married, you know what a whirlwind the wedding day is. How little time you get to spend with your new spouse. The day passes so quickly between activities, saying hello to family and friends, and of course, the long list of photos that we must take time to capture.

This is why for the couples portrait session on a wedding day I always make sure that we are able to spend some time with the couple just able to breathe, talk, and connect for a few minutes with each other without any demands on them. Not only is this important for the couple on their wedding day, but also it makes for some great, authentic photographs as well.

Also -- can we just take a minute and look at Danika? She is absolutely stunning and incredibly photogenic. I love it!

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