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This is Us | Prentice Family Session

Family photography should be more than posed photos, in perfect outfits, at hand picked venues.

The perfect family photo is (to me) one that actually captures the imperfections of your every day life. This was the idea behind my "This is Us" sessions. This session seriously has had me smiling all day. I love every photo we were able to capture, and are they all perfect? Not at all. But this is what every day life is for the Prentice family.

Together we made sure to capture the things that make up their every day. From watching shows, to dance parties, to playing in the front yard at the end of the day.

We also made sure to include two venues and some posed family photos, but everything in this session is truly their life. It's the books the read, the clothes they love to wear, the vineyard they're members at, and the Avila Barn the boys absolutely love.

"This is Us" sessions allow you to not stress as much about the perfect photo but to celebrate that sometimes what your day looks like as a family is melt downs and crying, and in twenty years that's part of what you want to look back on and laugh about.

I am so grateful to the Prentice family for rolling with my ideas and coming up with their own, but mostly, for being able to focus on being a family and having fun, and not stressing about posing every photo, or cleaning messy ice cream faces.

Thank you for inviting me into your home and letting me spend a few hours with you. I hope you always cherish these photos of this phase of life.

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