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Paso Robles In Home Maternity Session

Allllllll the feels.

Being on the outside of a family expecting a baby and watching them grow throughout the months makes it seem like things have gone by so fast. I can't say it feels the same for them. I'm sure the days have been long and the waiting has felt like forever. But suddenly the day is almost here -- Carson could arrive any day now.

These wonderful days of being a family of two (well.. 4, we can't forget the dogs) are almost at an end.

I know from experience that soon remembering a time before Carson will be hard. The idea that at some point we didn't know him, his personality, and everything that he will bring to their family will be hard to recall. He is going to be so fully integrated into who they are as individuals and a family that surely he was always a part of them.

That's one of the reasons I think maternity sessions are so important, whether it's your first or your fifth. There's something magical and mystical about a time before you know who this little person is. The waiting. The wonder.

Not much longer, little one.

This quiet nursery is ready for your little noises!

Part two (and maybe part three... why not?) of this maternity session coming soon!

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