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The Cardenas Family | This is Us | Atascadero Lifestyle Family Photography

I love these sessions. I love getting to take REAL photos of families.

Any of you who've done a family session (of any kind) know that it isn't easy. The babies are suddenly fussy, kids are unruly, or your husband is annoyed that he could be watching the Chargers with a beer and instead he's here posing 1000 times.

But we all want those photos to remember this time of our lives. And I understand, those perfect posed photos are important, but to me what matters more is the reality of what life is for your family. It's the baby crying, the kids throwing toys and fits, and your husband happily drinking a beer and watching the game. And I love when clients agree with me and want to capture REAL.

But it's still not easy. To do this session means letting me into your life and your home and letting me capture it all. It's not just the perfect instagram photo we love to show the world and pretend we always look immaculately put together, it's slippers and chocolate on the kids faces. And it's hard not to see the camera and want to fix those things -- but trust me -- it's better when you don't.

I just adore this family and this session and I'm so grateful they let me invade their home for a few hours so we could capture REAL LIFE.

Real life is cars on the floor and chocolate on the face. Real life is getting bored with a book and squirming off dad's lap. Real life is beautiful.

Getting dressed photos are always some of my favorites because as parents you spend a LOT of time getting your kids dressed. The squirming, the running away, the wiggling, just add to the adventure of trying to get a kid dressed. But then one day they suddenly are doing it themselves and that chapter of life is gone without you ever knowing it was the last time you'd help them get dressed.

There's always time to make sure we get some clean faced shots too. These sessions are the best of both worlds. And these smiles are just perfect!!

Contact me today to book your This is Us session!

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