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Kody and Danika | Paso Robles Wedding Photography | Grooms Party

Hello everyone and happy Saturday! Since I don't have a wedding today I decided I need to sit here and relive Kody and Danika's wedding day. Swoon.

Today's feature is the groom's party getting ready.

At a lot of weddings the groom and his men get ready far away from the bride or the ceremony location or wherever I need to be and in our consultation it's decided that the groom and his boys don't need photos of getting ready. And I totally understand that -- but also it's still a part of the day and honestly a pretty fun part!

Since it takes boys about 2.5 minutes to get dressed their 'getting ready' usually includes them interacting, trying to figure out how to tie a tie, or drinking scotch.

When the group is a bunch of cowboys it's always a fun time!

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