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Greg and Bree | Tiber Canyon Ranch Wedding Photography

There's something SO fun about sitting here all cozy in my chair with my pup and a blanket, and looking back through wedding days that were filled with sunshine, love and a freaking beautiful couple!

Greg and Bree got married at Tiber Canyon Ranch which is just a gorgeous place tucked away in all the trees.

I loved the color scheme and decorations they chose. I probably could have photographed their details for HOURS. I tried to only pick my favorites here... but as you see there are still a ton.

One of the great things about any wedding is seeing all the people come together to support the union of a new couple. Greg and Bree certainly had a lot of amazing people come together to celebrate and seeing that was amazing!

Check out their beautiful wedding below. I just can't stop smiling looking at these photos and reliving their day <3

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