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Kody and Danika | Parkfield Wedding | Bridal Party

You guys, getting back into a groove is hard!

Currently my days are a mix of photography, laundry, house projects and my baby farm. I go at least once a day to the hardware store (not complaining -- I absolutely love Miner's in Atascadero!). But between all that I really need to find a groove that works, starting with blogging!

Here's phase two of Kody and Danika's wedding! Their day was so beautiful, and the further we get from it the more exciting the images become to me. These photos are a memory of their wedding day, and it's wonderful and beautiful, but the truth is that what is so much more important than their wedding day is their life together -- which is where they are now and for all the years to come! <3

But as incredibly important as THEY are -- today we're gonna focus on just the girls because HELLO Beautiful!

It's something beautiful about a wedding and having all the most important people in your life surrounding you!

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