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Shaver Lake Engagement Session | Jaimie and Erin

Yesterday as I was driving I started remembering these two and our engagement session together at the snowy Shaver Lake and I realized, how on earth did I not blog this session?? It was one of my favorites! (Or maybe I did and this is just a reblog -- not sorry at all).

I skyped with Jaimie and Erin (in my car, sitting outside a Starbucks on my way to a wedding in San Fransisco -- that was an interesting Skype scenario!) and immediately started falling in love with them. They are so cute together, both so sweet, and a perfect pair.

They really wanted to do their engagement shoot in Shaver Lake and I was all for it, despite the little bit of extra travel for me, but hello?? Snow? Yes please!

They even offered to let me stay at their house on the way back if I didn't think I could make the whole drive back.

We never officially met in person until I showed up to their engagement shoot. And man did we have fun. We stomped our way through snow up to our waists and tried to find areas that weren't full of people or muddy snow (which was a whole task in and of itself).

The two of them were absolute troopers, suffering through wet clothes and freezing fingers just to capture the photos we had envisioned, and truly, I loved this session and spending time driving around with them and getting to know them better!

Their wedding was just as beautiful, and I'm sure their continued lives together are even more amazing! <3

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