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  • Still Waters Vineyard | Engagement Session

  • Krystal and Dustin are the bees knees! I hadn't met either of them before the engagement session. All of our correspondence had been done over email, but as I sat at the winery waiting for them to arrive I knew it was them as soon as I saw them. Krystal works as a teacher, working with special needs students. And[...]
Haley | Still Waters Maternity Photography
  • Haley | Still Waters Maternity Photography

  • In some ways maternity is the hardest type of photography, not from my point of view, but for the client. I've never been pregnant, so I can't vouch from personal experience, but I can imagine, and I've heard all the discomforts that go along with carrying and growing another human. And maternity in the middle of ou[...]
A little Vintage Inspiration  | Chico Child Photographer
  • Can you tell where I get my good looks?

  • Ever since getting my macbook my favorite thing has been to take these awesome photos with everyone I hang out with - much to the annoyance of everyone I hang out with. This is my dad. Don't we look dashing? I'm not the type I ever would have really called a Daddy's Girl. Sure, I did work in his shop with him, an[...]
  • Love is all around | Turlock Wedding Photography

  • "If you look for it, I've got a sneaky feeling you'll find that love actually is all around." Love Actually said it best; love is all around. And that's never more true than at weddings. The funny thing about people being so open and loving toward each other is that you can't help but see why they love each other, [...]
Chico Baby Photography at Templeton Park
  • Chico Baby Photography at Templeton Park

  • This little guy has stolen my heart. I dare you to not fall in love with him. He's just cute as a button with those little teeth and rosy cheeks, and at almost 2 years old he's a little parrot and picks up on everything. He's got an older sister who he adores, but mostly he's a mama's boy, though in appearance he's def[...]
  • Thousand Oaks Newborn Photography | Isabel Gene

  • It's crazy to look at these photos of this tiny new baby girl, 12 days old, and realize that before you know it she will be a year old and I'll be taking her one year photos! Now she's just tiny, pink and cute, with a little bit of personality just beginning. But before long we'll know who she is and all her unique tra[...]
  • Why I am a photographer

  • Sometimes I wonder why I do photography. Yes. The hours are great. When I wake up at 9 and get to the office by 11 I am thrilled about the hours. But sometimes the hours are awful. When I work every Saturday, or I work from 8 am to 1 am with hardly a break in the day for food. When I turn down going out with frie[...]
  • Mondays

  • Mondays used to be my day off. And it was amazing. Nobody likes Mondays. It's the start of the work week, your weekend fun is over, there's no sleeping in and that wretched alarm wakes you up on the wrong side of the bed. So my brilliant plan was to work Saturdays and make Monday my day off. And it WAS awesome... an[...]