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  • Blakely | Newborn and Family Photography

  • As the youngest child I'm always championing for making sure that the middle and youngest children get properly documented. In so many families I see tons of photos of the first baby during maternity, the first year, and so on. And then the second child maybe gets a 'family session/maternity' and then newborn photos us[...]
  • Grateful.

  • In the spirit of Thanksgiving this post is about gratefulness. So amazed, and grateful. This post is long overdue, but I wanted to have the photos, and the right words, and those both took some time. My last wedding was on November 8 of this year at the Spanish Oaks Ranch. And it was beautiful and inspiring and ever[...]
  • What to Wear | Family Shoot

  • Family photoshoots are always a really hard thing to prep for in the 'what should I wear' department. Especially if you've got young kids. You've got to find something that is comfortable to wear, fits well, looks good in photos, and meshes well with the colors everyone else is wearing and the colors around you. [...]
  • Grace Monroe | Atascadero Newborn Photographer

  • Squishy little newborns. They're always SUCH a delight to photograph. Whether they sleep the whole time, or cry their way though the session, it's always so much fun, and the end result is always magical. This is my cousin's brand new baby girl, Grace Monroe. She was fifteen days old at our session and so. very. tin[...]
  • Ray and Lindsey | Creston Engagement Photography

  • They aways say you're never gonna meet someone in a bar. Well, that happens to be where I met Lindsey, so take that! I was helping out at a past wedding client's new bar, when I happened to strike up a conversation with Lindsey. She told me all about her plans for her wedding and I was enthralled. I couldn't help[...]
  • Everett | Newborn Photography Session

  • I love looking back at my first newborn session (my great niece!) and seeing how far I've come. Not only in terms of photos but also my level of nerves, ability to handle the newborns, knowing what gear and props to bring, and prepping the parents before hand. Every little piece of that works together to make these [...]
  • Still Waters Vineyard | Engagement Session

  • Krystal and Dustin are the bees knees! I hadn't met either of them before the engagement session. All of our correspondence had been done over email, but as I sat at the winery waiting for them to arrive I knew it was them as soon as I saw them. Krystal works as a teacher, working with special needs students. And[...]
Haley | Still Waters Maternity Photography
  • Haley | Still Waters Maternity Photography

  • In some ways maternity is the hardest type of photography, not from my point of view, but for the client. I've never been pregnant, so I can't vouch from personal experience, but I can imagine, and I've heard all the discomforts that go along with carrying and growing another human. And maternity in the middle of ou[...]